Why are we conforming? Usually, it’s out of fear. Fear of failure, of being seen, of being different. Let your freak flag fly and bust out of that mold!

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If you do not accept, the NFT version of this painting will be up for public release for $350 USD on Sunday, November 13, 2021 at 0:01 am CT.

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SIZE: 12" x 12"

MATERIAL:  Acrylic on canvas

bust the Mold 2021

As an artist, I paint primarily in abstract expressionism which simply means I use paint and other media to express externally what’s bubbling up in my mind, body and spirit.

My process begins by meditating and journaling, then I go directly to the canvas and begin painting without having any expectation or idea what the final product will be. I build layer after layer…letting go & covering some things…keeping others.

I have made more fugly art than I can count but I’ve turned almost all of those paintings into something I’m proud of. The act of creating alone has helped me heal and remember who the heck I am. It helped me find my smile. My joy. After almost 18 years, I now guide others in creating their own incredible, powerful HONEST art. But make no mistake, it’s not always easy...I create a lot of fugly art along the way. That’s not when I quit. That’s when I put down my brush and celebrate! I shake my booty to a happy dance that I had the courage to NOT play it safe. Then using all the tools in my toolbox, go back to canvas, and make some magic. 

If you want boring paintings like everyone else, I’m not your gal. If you’re willing to get some work created in the splash zone, we’re gonna be friends.  



That’s what happens when you give a Cajun girl a paintbrush. It’s a lot like watching wrestling then going to church, and I’m so down with that.


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