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By popular demand, I'm offering up some of my most popular workshops as an a-la-carte option for rebels looking to grow their art biz. 

These trainings have previously only been available to members of my mastermind programs, and go deeper into some of the topics I've covered in Art Biz for Rebels (cause there's only so much you can fit in 12 weeks!)

Purchase one, purchase all of them. These previously recorded trainings feature a targeted lesson ranging from 40 minutes to 2.5 hours, and all mini courses include a guided workbook to help you implement what you learned. 

Jodie king mini courses

How to launch a collection
mini course

Hosting workshops
mini course


A primer on getting started with email marketing for your art biz.

The ins and outs of launching a new collection.

Diversify your revenue streams by teaching what you love!

mini courses

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Paint it and they will come? It's not that easy. Get this training to get my step by step strategy for launching (and selling) a new collection. This training covers:
- Planning your Collection
- The 9 Mental Triggers
- Creating your Collection
- Gathering Items and Supplies
- Creating a Strategy
- Website Prep

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This mini training features a member of my team and aims to help artists get started with setting up their email lists, grow their lists and develop a newsletter strategy. It covers:
- Why we do email marketing
- How to get started
- Weekly Newsletters
- Welcome Sequences
- Measuring Success

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Did you know I host an average of 5 workshops a year? They're a great way to connect with other artists, diversify your revenue streams and share a bit of that magic that only you have. In this training, I'm going to share my workshop strategy and show you how to:
- Teach what you love with this new revenue stream
- Unlock my strategies for throwing and selling out successful artist workshops.

An artist's guide to instagram

Unlock my tips that helped me grow to 50k followers organically.

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Growing an Instagram audience as an artist can seem like an impossible task, so in this 2.5 hour workshop, I break down how to succeed on Instagram using current, up to date tips and strategies. We cover:
- Top Tips for Selling art on the platform
- How to Create a IG Feed that gets you followers
- Your Profile
- Creating a Content Strategy that’s fun and easy
- How to Overcome Fear of Posting
- Choosing Which Type of Account is Best for you
- Understanding and Using Analytics
- How to engage your audience and create raving FANS!
- Hashtags Strategy
- Stories & Reels and How to maximize them