Pretty Much the Perfect Day



One of my favorite quotes is by Clarissa Estes: “When we work the soul, she, the Wild Woman, creates more of herself.” When 15 women showed up to my studio to learn how yoga, meditation and journaling can help us create art, we weren’t just creating art, we were creating more of our selves. During this 6 hour workshop that I co-taught with the amazing Elizabeth Irvine and her yogi-daughter Allie Irvine, we laughed, down-dogged, and painted our way back to our happy place.



Each woman was a sparkler of bad-assery in her own way. Some had art experience, but most had none. Together, we started the day with yoga and meditation and ended it with paint on our hands (and our forehead and clothes). If you throw in a splash of wine, this pretty much describes the perfect day for me.



Our focus wasn’t to make beautiful art, but rather to let whatever was on the inside bubble up to the surface…to find our voice. To do that, we had to be still. Elizabeth led us through a meditation to get us in the zone. Next, we grabbed our pens and journals and wrote until we got to the juicy stuff. We then went to work expressing that emotion by activating the canvas through line and mark making, and finally adding paint and color.



Anytime deeply authentic, soul-searching women get together, magic happens. This time was no different. I was honored to be amongst such sparklers in the world.  Follow me on Instagram to learn more about future art retreats & to see more art and journal entries. And click to learn more about Elizabeth Irvine’s Retreats and her company True Well Being.